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Houston Texans should sign Robert Griffin III While many Washington fans enjoyed Kirk Cousins' breakout year,DeForest Buckner Jersey one person who certainly didn't like that was former first-round pick Robert Griffin III. As Cousins led Washington to an NFC East title and a home playoff game, RG3 wallowed on the sideline.Luke Kuechly Jersey Griffin's contract is now up, and with all signs pointing to Cousins returning to D.C.Jay Cutler Jersey, it's almost guaranteed Griffin will play elsewhere in 2016. So why not go home?Taylor Decker Jersey I know there's a lot of speculation that RG3 may wind up signing with Dallas, but chances are he'll get a more lucrative contract and a better chance to start in Houston. If one thing's for sure,T.Y. Hilton Jersey it's that Houston has a problem at the quarterback position. Saturday was indicative of that, as the Texans were blanked in the Wild Card round of the playoffs,Drew Brees Jersey as Brian Hoyer threw four interceptions. But to be fair, Hoyer was never the long-term solution at quarterback.Joe Montana Jersey He was a bridge QB at best, but that bridge may be broken now. RG3,Russell Wilson Jersey while no longer the superstar he once was, would be a tremendous improvement for the Texans. People criticize Griffin for his regression,Leonard Floyd Jersey but it's important to remember that a) he definitely rushed back from the injury he suffered in the 2012 playoffs b) the rest of the NFL caught up with the read-option and c) he was playing behind an abysmal offensive line. That offensive line was far from great, and the Redskins made a point to address it in the offseason leading up to the 2015 season.Jameis Winston Jersey Cousins benefited immensely, as it was head-and-shoulders better than the unit from 2014. In a previous article I talked about why the offensive line was a catalyst for Griffin's struggles